Stuffed baguette

Has it ever happened to you, that a small innocent mistake had an influence on your life? It does sound dramatic and kind of is, for me. A few years ago I woke up at 4 am, packed my car and Mia and hit the road to visit grandparents in Poland. Tomasz offered that he will make some sandwiches for me (Mia had her food prepared), but I told him that there’s no need. I will grab a coffee on a gas station and maybe a small guilty treat. This is what I did indeed, but I did not foresee the consequences. On the first gas station I grabbed coffee (do you love the gas station coffee? I truly do. It kind of reminds me how lucky I am to be able to make a good coffee at home) and I saw hot dogs. I did not eat a hot dog for years, the last time was most probably during my university years, when I grabbed it on a gas station as well. As I am a sentimental creature, I grabbed one. We went back to the car and Mia asked for a bite… and that was it. This girl got so crazy about hot dogs, that since that day, whenever we are at a gas station, she keeps asking for hot dogs. She does not ask for my famous apple pie like never, nor for broccoli pasta or any other specialities. This girl loves her hot dogs.

To trick her a bit, I made hot doggish sandwiches. It did not work. She said that it is not a hot dog. And that was it. If you like hot dogs, this sandwich is nothing like a hot dog, but the baguette makes it look a bit similar. It tastes good, so it’s worth trying.


You will need (for 2):

  • baguette
  • soft goat cheese
  • roasted Walnuts
  • agave syrup or honey
Remove the pulp from the baguette. Roast walnuts in a frying pan, shred it and mix with the cheese.

Using a spoon, push the cheese inside of the baguette.

Cut baguette into small canapés and serve with a maple syrup.

Enjoy, Marta

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